All about Skinny.
Skinny is a mobile phone company. Well, actually it's not a separate, stand-alone company, if we're honest. It's a separate division of Telecom New Zealand Limited which sells stuff with Skinny on it. And makes the odd T-Shirt.

We dont flog Telecom stuff, but they are our friends, and they are really nice to us. So what does that mean for you?

It means that we get to use the super quick, big and clever XT network to offer our 3G mobile services, and we didnt have to build our own.

It means that while Telecom NZ Ltd. own Skinny, Skinny has its own offices, staff (including our call centre, staffed by the lovely Skinny reps) and systems, and we get to dream up all our own prices, products, services and the like.

So really, we get to enjoy all the good stuff - the XT Network, reliability, scale, super speed and great national coverage - and build on top of it a different mobile society, with a different set of values and principles.

Living Skinny
Here at Skinny we've stripped everything back, so you're only paying for stuff you actually want. We provide the basics, and you choose how to use our data, which e-mail provider you want, and what apps to run.

We want you to be able to only spend what you should, so you can save money to spend on the things you really want.

We're all about getting your feedback, comments and suggestions. If you find anything you don't like or that isn't working, check out our FAQ's, and if their troubleshooting suggestions don't work, please just tell us and we'll sort it out. And just maybe give you some love.

You can also find us in other places like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube - please do come say hi and see what we've been up to.