Joining Skinny is easy.

Here’s what you need:

  1. A Skinny phone or your own compatible phone
  2. Skinny SIM card (included FREE with new Skinny phones) 
  3. A Skinny Top-Up - as a voucher from usual retail outlets or using your credit/debit card on this site.

Get started today

Once you've got the above, follow these steps to get started.

  1. Put your SIM in your phone and call 456 to activate
  2. Access our Skinny Mobile Menu by dialing *888# from your phone and select 1 to Top-Up
  3. Set up your voicemail by calling 789 and set your 4 digit pin (default pin + 1234
  4. Keep your number (022, 027, 021) – and get your first $16 Stretch Combo FREE!

Keep running on Skinny Mobile

Use these self-service tools to make using Skinny Mobile easy for you:

  1. The Skinny Mobile Menu by dialing *888# from your phone to Top-Up, buy Combos and Add-Ons and check your balance where and when you want 
  2. Log in to My Skinny to have FULL control over your account and access to all Skinny rewards and HookUps
  3. Set an Auto Top-Up so you can control your spend and always have enough credit

Do the same on your mobile, just a little differently

There are other ways to do these things from your mobile and online with Skinny and other providers but the table above sets out the most popular ways.