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Superfast 4G

Do a whole lot more, a whole lot faster!

We’re powered by the Spark 4G network!

4G makes the things you do on your phone or tablet faster so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the things you love! Imagine browsing and streaming faster, and much less buffering.

How do I get 4G?

All you need is a Skinny compatible 4G capable device and be in a Spark 4G coverage area. When you’re not in a 4G area your device will seamlessly switch to 3G. The Spark 4G network is now available in over 95 locations across New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Rotorua and Queenstown and more locations are being added over time.

To enable 4G, your mobile may require an update to its software. Simply, follow the instructions that came with your mobile to update the system to the latest software. We recommend you update your device software over a WIFI connection to avoid excess data charges.

iPhone 5 – tap Settings, tap General, tap Software Update. Once downloaded, when the "carrier settings update" message appears click update.
iPad - After downloading iOS8, go to Setttings/mobile data/enable LTE. When the "Enable LTE?" message appears click Enable
Android – tap Settings, tap About (device or phone), tap Software Update, tap Updates
Windows Phone 8 – Swipe left to Apps list, tap Settings, tap Phone Update, tap Check for Updates
Blackberry – Tap Setting, tap Software Updates, tap Check for Updates

How fast is fast?

Speeds will vary depending on your device and where you are on the network. The easiest way to think of it is 3G is fast and 4G is super quick.

If you want the technical stuff... Spark's 4G network caters to both Category 3 (eg iPhone 5) and Category 4 devices (eg Samsung Galaxy Note 3). Category 3 devices have a theoretical max download of 100mb per second. Category 4 devices have a theoretical max download of 150mb per second. But as we said, speeds will vary and, especially at times of heavy network traffic you could get considerably lower than this.

Do more with 4G

When you’re on 4G you can do a whole lot more, faster, so keep an eye on your mobile usage using our Skinny Mobile Menu by dialing *888# or logging in to our online dashboard. Plus remember there’s no need to worry about chewing through credit as Skinny has no data overage. Once you use all of your active Combo’s MB your data access will stop. Just buy a data Add-On to get going again.

Questions about 4G?

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