Skinny Collect FAQs

Skinny Collect FAQs

Sign up

Q:  What happens if I don’t receive my verification code by text?
A:  If your verification code does not come through via text, or you experience issues confirming the code through the app, contact the Skinny Mobile customer services team.

After Sign Up

Q:  Why am I not viewing any Skinny Collect content on my lock screen straight-away?

A:  After you have completed the sign-up process, there can be around a half-hour delay before content appears on your screen. If you are still not seeing anything after this time and you have restarted your device, get in touch with the Skinny Mobile customer services team.

Q: Why am I not viewing an advert screen?
A: The advert screen will only appear when there are adverts available. As there are not always adverts available, the advert screen may not always be present.

Q: Why does Skinny Collect duplicate my lock screen?

A: Unfortunately, Android/Google does not allow us to integrate with their native lock screen, which is why you’re getting the double-up. If you only want the Skinny Collect lock screen, we recommend you disable your native lock screen in your device’s settings. We are looking into security integration solutions to prevent this double-up in the future

Q: When will I receive my first 200 free MB of data or 75 free minutes?

A: For every month (30 days) you host Skinny Collect on your lock screen, you will receive either 75 free minutes or 200 free MB data. The top-up is received in full at the end of the month. This means you can expect to receive your first free minutes or data one month after signing up to Skinny Collect, as long as you have had the app active for this time period. You can view the monthly countdown anytime by visiting the Wallet screen of the app menu.

Q: How do I check how many remaining minutes / MB of data I have left to use from my last month’s earning?
A: Once your free minutes / MB data have been earned through the Skinny Collect app, you can see your updated balance through the Skinny Mobile app.

Q: If I uninstall Skinny Collect, will I still earn Skinny Collect data / minutes?
A: Skinny Collect will need to be installed and active on your device for you to continue earning free data and minutes. If you uninstall the app, the monthly countdown will pause.

Content screens

Q: Can I change which of the content screens I see as my default lock screen when no ads are available?

A: The default screen can be changed to any of the content screens through the Lock Screen section of the app menu. When an ad is available, the advert screen will always take first place.

Q: How do I scroll through the news feed items and access stories or full weather forecasts for the NZ Herald and MetService content screen?

A: Swipe up and down on the content area to browse all NZ Herald stories. If you want to read the article in full, use the “Tap for more" button to be directed to the article on the NZ Herald Website. Tap the button on the MetService content screen to view the 10-day weather forecast."

Q: How do I update my preferred settings for each screen?

A: Content screen settings can be updated through the Lock Screen section of the app menu. Click on the content screen item and update your selections. No need to hit update; this happens automatically as you change your selections."

Q: How do I disable one of the content screens?

A: Content screens can be disabled through the Lock Screen section of the app menu. Click on the content screen icon and click disable. At least one of the content screens must be enabled at all times.


Q: How do adverts work?

A: We serve adverts to your lock screen to provide you with access to the brands you love. If you see an advert on your screen and want to know more, simply tap on the advert to be directed to the advertiser’s website. Swipe right to unlock your phone as usual.

Q: Why am I not viewing many ads on my lock screen?

A: We won’t always have ads available, however, you’ll still earn your free minutes or data, no matter how many ads you see."

Q: Why do the adverts vary in size/length of time on my lock screen?

A: There are two types of adverts we will serve to your lock screen. Premium adverts are displayed for half-hour time slots and fill the entire lock screen. Pop-Up adverts take up a smaller portion of the screen and are not shown for a set time. However, both adverts allow you to tap to be redirected to the advertiser’s website."

Account and App

Q: How do I deactivate my Skinny Collect account?

A: To deactivate your account, simply uninstall Skinny Collect from your device.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the internet for my Skinny Collect lock screen to be active?

A: Your device must be connected to either wifi or data to view current content, be served adverts and to view an updated wallet screen.

Q: How much mobile data does Skinny Collect use?
A: Skinny will zero-rate any mobile data used by Skinny Collect, except for when you choose to view a video ad. This means that Skinny Collect won’t use any data, until you engage with content in your mobile browser by tapping on an advert, or you view a video advert while you are not on wifi.

Q: Where am I able to view the Terms of Use after signing up?

A: You can access Skinny Collect’s Terms of Use


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