We're giving you a boost!

New Zealand is again going through an uncertain time with Covid-19, and we hope you and your family are doing okay. We understand that during the lockdown you might need more data than you typically would, so we are going to help by providing extra data for the essentials (such as learning or working from home). Starting from Wednesday 25 August you’ll be getting a free 6GB data boost every weekday between 9am to 3:30pm.

How will it work?

Every weekday at 9am, 6GB of free data will be automatically applied to your Skinny Jump account. Because this data is to be used for the essentials, the free data won’t be applied on weekends and public holidays.

Your standard 30GB Jump plan will kick back in at 3.30pm or once you have used up the 6GB of free data (whichever is earlier). So please make sure that you’ve topped up your account and renewed your Jump plan so that you are always connected.

The 6GB data boost starts on Wednesday 25 August and will apply until further notice. We’ll make sure we give you a heads up before the offer expires. Please remember the 6GB data boost is to help with essential work only (such as learning and working from home). Some entertainment services, like online gaming and watching videos, burn through data and Skinny Jump wasn’t designed for those services.

Don’t forget - you also get 15GB of free data from us on the first of every month!

Staying safe online

For information on how to keep you and your whānau safe online, visit Netsafe.



All Skinny Jump customers will receive the 6GB free data boost as long as they have a modem provisioned with Jump and have used it in the last 12 months. The data boost does not apply for MOE, AUT or Red Cross sponsored customers.

If you’ve used up the 6GB data boost before 3.30pm your standard Jump plan will kick back in. If you’ve run out of data with your standard Jump plan you will need to top up your account with credit and repurchase your Jump plan again. You can do this up to 5 times in a calendar month. 

The 6GB data boost will be applied every weekday at 9am. Because this data is to be used for learning, working or essential work only, the free data won't be applied on weekends and public holidays.

Yes. The data remaining from your 6GB data boost will not roll over after 3:30pm.  

The free 6GB data boost is intended to help you access essential online services during lockdown (such as learning or working from home). At this stage we do not know when this offer will end, however we will let you know before it does.