Don’t just have a weekend, have a freekend on us!  

We’re giving you 2GB of free data every weekend for 3 months when you join Skinny Mobile!

Here’s how it works

Every Friday, our reindeer will check if you’re on one of the eligible Combos, and then we’ll flick you a text message to confirm that you are.

Once you’ve got your confirmation text, make sure you don’t cancel your Combo before the weekend, because that will mean you lose out on your free data.

How to get it

Grab a new Skinny Mobile SIM and activate it before February 5th 2018. Then jump on a $16, $26 or $46 Combo and make sure your Combo doesn’t expire before the weekend rolls in. Then, hey presto! You’ll be 2GB data richer, just like that! 

What you should know

If you bought a Combo sometime late on Friday, and still haven’t received a confirmation text = don’t worry, our reindeer will still count you. We’ll send you a text message on Saturday morning to confirm you’ve got 2GB of free data for the rest of the weekend.

Unfortunately, and just like Christmas, something this good just can’t last, so your Free Data Weekends will expire 3 months after you’ve activated your Skinny Mobile SIM.

Free data weekends offer :

  1. ‘Free Data Weekends’ includes free 2GB of Bonus mobile data to be used in New Zealand, starting every Friday midnight (Saturday 12:00 am), for 48 hours, subject to eligibility.
  2. Delays of up to 10 minutes may occur in applying the free data to your account, but don’t worry it’ll happen, we promise.
  3. Offer available to new customers who activate their new Skinny Mobile SIM between 7am 24/10/2017 and midnight 5/02/2018
  4. Offer applies for 3 months from the date of SIM activation. Where the last day of the availability period falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the 2GB Bonus data will apply in full for the duration of the weekend.
  5. Eligible combos include $16, $26 and $46 Skinny Mobile Monthly Combos.
  6. To be eligible for the Bonus data on the specific weekend, you must have an active eligible Combo prior to Friday midnight (Saturday 12:00 am). 
  7. If you purchase an eligible combo during the weekend, the Bonus data will not apply until the next weekend. Blame the silly season.
  8. If you deactivate the Combo during the eligibility period, or if your Combo doesn’t renew, new Bonus data will not apply until you activate a new Combo.