Phone Compatibility

Love your phone and want to bring it with you?

Good news – you can bring your current phone with you when you join us, provided it’s compatible with the network. If you got your phone from us or Spark you're sorted. It'll work fine.

Click here to find which mobile coverage bands your phone uses.

Got some questions? Let's see if we can answer them for you.

Q: So, what makes my phone compatible?

A: We use the Spark network which uses the HSDPA 850 MHz frequency for 3G. So if your device is compatible with this frequency you are good to go!  Find out about 4G (the faster, newer network).

It's OK, not all of us understand all the jargon. HSDPA 850 is also referred to as WCDMA 850 or UMTS 850, but they are all the same thing. Unless your phone is compatible with this frequency, it's unlikely to work fully on the network, or at all. Please be aware that some services may be different or unavailable with a device that was not from Skinny.

Q: How do I find out if my phone is HSDPA 850 MHz compatible?

A: If you got your phone from us or Spark, then you're all sorted. It'll work fine.  Otherwise, you can have a look for the supported frequencies on the box your phone came in (near the serial number), or in the device’s manual. You could also ask the place you purchased the phone from.

Still can’t find your IMEI number? You can also find the IMEI number on battery compartment label, or on the box the device came in.

If you have an iPhone, open the Settings app, tap General, tap About, tap IMEI. If you have an Android phone, open the Settings app, tap About Device, tap status. Remember you can also dial *#06# from your phone too.

What else you should know

You'll need a Skinny SIM card to connect to the network. Also make sure your device is unlocked (this is especially important for devices purchased overseas).