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What to do if you're being mobile bullied?

Skinny is all about having fun and getting amongst it with your friends. But, if you're receiving upsetting or offensive texts, video messages, photo messages or phone calls, Skinny is here for you and we've got your back.
Don't forget that what you find harmless fun might not fly with others and could even be hurtful or offensive. So always remember to show a little respect when using your mobile to communicate with others.

Skinny loves you and we want to keep you safe! So here are a few things that we and our friends over at Netsafe recommend:


  • Only give your mobile number to trusted friends and family.
  • When using public chat services, remember people are not always who they say they are.
  • Talk to your parents, a teacher or counsellor before a problem gets too bad.
  • Keep any upsetting or offensive messages on your mobile or make a note of the date, time, originating number and the content of the call or message. You may need this information if the problem gets out of control.


  • If you get a message from an unknown number, don't reply.
  • If you get a nasty or offensive message, don't reply even if you know the number.
  • Don't post your number online or in public forums.
  • Don't send anything that could offend others. Before sending a message, ask yourself - could that person be hurt or offended by this message?
  • Don't send photos or video messages of others without their permission. Always ask first!

Who are these Netsafe peeps? Netsafe is a New Zealand organisation set up to help keep you safe. You can call them on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723) or email

You have many options if you are persistently receiving upsetting or offensive texts, video messages, photo messages or phone calls or feel that you are experiencing mobile bullying. You can:

  • Change your mobile number when you're signed into your account. It's only $5 and it can save a lot of stress and hassle. If you're unsure about how to do this feel free to give us a call!
  • Contact Skinny with the dates and times of upsetting offensive texts, video messages, photo messages or phone calls that you have received over the last seven days, but have not replied to. Skinny takes mobile bullying seriously and we will take action against the offending party which may include warnings, internal investigations and even termination of Skinny accounts in serious cases.
  • Report severe bullying, especially if the bully is threatening to harm, to the Police.
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