Mobile help

Endless Data

  1. Why have we launched the new Endless plans?
    Quite simply it’s the stuff you want and the stuff you use the most. With an Endless plan, it’s just so much easier when you don’t have to worry about your data usage. With Endless data, you will never run out of data again!


  2. What’s different with the Endless plans?
    You don’t need to choose a plan based on how much data you need – you now choose a plan based on how much data you need at max speed. Once you reach your Max Speed Data allowance, your Endless data will continue at a reduced speed of 1.2 Mbps, so you can stream, browse, chat and whatnot until the end of the month but the quality of your streaming will be reduced (such as lower video resolution) when watching a video, streaming or loading images.

  3. What does Endless data mean?
    Browse, stream, upload, download, chat, find your way, listen to music and play games as much as you like to do on your mobile device. Your possibilities are endless. There are no caps on how much data you use, but data speeds will reduce to 1.2 Mbps after you reach the max speed data allowance. Of course, when you renew your plan you will be back at max speed (until you used that allowance up, and so on).


  4. What is Max Speed?
    Max Speed Data is data that is delivered at the maximum available speed on the Skinny network, which is powered by the Spark network. However, the speed you experience may vary because of where you are and what device you use.


  5. What do you mean by “data speeds reduced”?
    It means you still have Endless data but the speed will slow down to a max speed of 1.2 Mbps after you reach your Max Speed Data allowance. You can continue to message, emails, browsing the web, keeping up on social media, and streaming videos in SD 480p to improve the streaming quality. You may notice an increased load time with viewing videos and images, and if too many apps are open at once, they may not load properly.
    The actual speeds you experience will depend on your location, device, network congestion, and other technical factors.


  6. Can I tether or hotspot on this plan?
    Yes, you can tether and hotspot on this plan. However, data speeds will slow down to 1.2 Mbps after you get to the end of your maximum data speed allowance.


  7. What is data usage?
    Data usage is the data you use in a billing cycle - 28 days (monthly plans) and 7 days (weekly plans). Your mobile data is used whenever you use your phone’s internet connection to browse the internet, downloading and running apps, checking emails and streaming videos, and all other kinds of stuff you can do online.


  8. How will I know when I have reached my Max Speed Data allowance?
    You can check your data usage at any time in the Skinny app. Here’s the link to download it for iOS or Android. We’ll also send you an SMS to let you know when you have consumed your Max Speed Data and start using Endless data.


  9. Can I still buy data binge sessions?
    Yes, it’s a great way to get a top-up of Max Speed Data when you have used all of the Max Speed Data in your plan. Like, if you want to watch the last episode of a Good Place before they take it off the air.


  10. Can I gift data on my Endless plan?
    No, sorry, you can't gift data or minutes on an Endless plan. You can gift on any of our rollover plans though.


  11. I am currently on a rollover plan with some rollover data left on it. I want to move to an Endless plan. Will I still be able to use my rollover data?
    No, not on Endless. But don’t worry, you won’t run out of data on the Endless plan. That’s the whole idea with Endless data, isn’t it?
    Of course, if you want to use up your rollover data, at your next plan renewal just jump on the $16 or $26 rollover plan to use up your rollover data. Rollover data is valid for 365 days.

    11A. What happens to my rollover balance if I switch to an Endless plan?
    You will still be able to keep your rollover data until they expire. However, you can only use them while you are on an active rollover plan. You cannot use them while you are on an Endless plan but it wouldn’t make sense to anyway as with Endless data you will never run out of data again!
    So, the rollover data will just sit in the app until you move to an active rollover plan.

    11.B Can I still buy the old Rollover plans if I want to as I like to store up my rollover data?
    The old plans have been discontinued so if you move off them you won’t be able to purchase them after the 6th of May. However, you no longer need to accumulate rollover data as our new plans have Endless data so you will never run out of data again. Just jump onto a $36 plan or above and you will have as much data as you will ever need.


  12. Can I save my Max Speed Data for later in the month?
    No. Here’s how it works: Any Max Speed Data you have will be used first (e.g. your plan allocation of Max speed data and any Bonus data you may have) and once that is all used up, the reduced speed Endless data will be used until your next plan renewal.


  13. How can I get back up to Max Speed Data?
    There are a few options. If you need more than what your plan currently offers then you can grab an add-on with your Endless plan to make it right. Or you can purchase a data binge which is perfect for any online binging sessions, alternatively, you can renew your plan early.


  14. I’m on a $70 Endless plan but I can’t seem to use Data Binge?
    You can purchase a data binge session when your plan renews. If you don’t want to wait until then you can renew your plan early.