Mobile help

Buddy rewards

How it works:

  • Existing customers are able to share their unique code to 5 new customers.
  • Once a code is redeemed, both existing and new customers will receive a confirmation text to confirm that the code has been activated and both parties will receive their rewards. 

Customer FAQ's

How do I redeem my code? 
You can redeem your code using the Skinny mobile Application. Make sure you're on Skinny mobile with an active 4 Weekly Plan first.

I've got a $5 Weekly Plan/$9 Starter Plan/$20 Weekly Unlimited Plan, can I still get my rewards?
No, but change up to a $16 plan or above and you're good to go!

Can I share the code that I've received from my mate? 
You can, but if you don't redeem the code for yourself and forward it on to someone else, this means that both the code owner and the new customer will receive the rewards and not you. We really would not want you to miss out!

Can I redeem the same code twice?
No, unfortunately. The code that your buddy has sent you can only be redeemed once.

How will I know if I have received my reward once I've redeemed the code? 
Once activated, Skinny will notify the code owner via SMS that the code was redeemed. The redeemer can then check out the Skinny Mobile App and see what rewards they've got.

What is the validity length of the rewards?
- 365 days for NZ Credit ($20)
- 90 days for MB NZ Data (4GB)

I've just received my 4GB reward data and switched to a $5 Weekly Plan/$9 Starter Plan/$20 Weekly Unlimited Plan,. Can I still use the reward data now?

Yes, you can! You have 90 days to use the 4GB rewards data from when you receive it. If you purchase any Plans or Add-ons along the way, those data will get used first. Your 4GB rewards data will then kick in automatically!