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Manage your account with the Skinny app

Keep track of your balance and all the important stuff!

It’s now even easier to Top-Up, check your balance and manage your Plans and Add-Ons when you’re on the go.

Download the free Skinny App today from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store

Do your thing better with the Skinny app:

  • Top-Up using a voucher or pre-registered credit/debit card. Login to register a credit/debit card on this site, then you can even set and forget with an Auto Top-Up so you never have to worry about running out of credit.
  • Check your balance Check your credit balance and how many minutes, texts and data you have left in your Plan.
  • Manage your Plan and Add-Ons. See what Plan you’re on and customize it with Add-Ons. You can even choose a new Plan if you want to mix it up.
  • See your transaction history

There are heaps of other cool things that you can do on the app too, like transferring credit to your mates, so download the app now to start making the most of it.

It’s FREE, but just a heads up that you’ll use a little bit of data downloading it, so be savvy and hook into some WiFi if you're running low on data.

The Skinny app isn't available for Windows and BlackBerry smartphones and it won't work on 'feature' phones. In both cases, we recommend using this website or dialing *888# for the on-screen menu instead.