Mobile help

Skinny app help

There are a couple of things you can try if you’re having issues with the Skinny app:

Step 1:

Try Uninstalling the App through Settings > Apps, or through the Google Play Store/App Store, and then reinstalling it.

Step 2:

Try clearing the cache/data from the App. Please be aware that this will reset the App - but your account and credit will be safe!

Step 3:

Make sure the date and time settings on your phone are set to sync automatically.

Finally, you’ll need to check that your phone is running the latest firmware and if it’s not, to update your phone. You can do this by reviewing our device guides, select your device and the guide will show you how.

Please note: We’d recommend being connected to your Wi-Fi when doing this to ensure you don’t eat through your data, and also it’s usually best to complete these connected to a charger just in case your phone dies mid-update. 

If your phone is fully up-to-date, or the update does not fix your issue, please send us an email or chat with us below and have a Live Chat with one of our customer care agents and they'll be able to help you out!