Mobile help

Calling, texting and data not working

Help is on the way! 

Before going through any in-depth troubleshooting steps, please make sure you're in a coverage area, and that you've tried restarting your phone and removing and reinserting your SIM Card.

If your device is having trouble connecting to our network, please make sure it is compatible with Skinny firstIf your device isn't fully compatible with us, you may find your phone is working in some coverage areas, but not in others. To guarantee consistent service, you'll need a phone which uses the HSDPA 850 MHz frequency for 3G.

Next try setting up a new APN on your phone by following these instructions. Once that's done, make sure to select the APN you just created, then restart your phone and try texting/calling/using data.

If the problems still persist, then we'll need to isolate where the issue is coming from. Please try the following:

Inserting your SIM into a different compatible device:

If this phone picks up on the network with your SIM card inserted, then it means your device could be the one experiencing network problems. If that is the case, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further help.

Inserting a different compatible SIM into your device:

If your phone is able to connect to the network, then it is highly likely you may have a damaged SIM.

Tried all that but still having problems? Get in touch with us.