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What is answer message service?

Answer Machine Service

The "Answer Message Service" is an alternative to voicemail.

With this service, when you’re unable to answer a phone call the caller will hear a message that you’ve pre-recorded. For example, you could say something like "Hey, I'm currently busy at the moment, please try again later!" However, the caller doesn’t get the option to leave you a voicemail message.

It is useful when you want the callers to know they’ve reached the right number and to provide a reason you haven’t picked up, but you don’t want them leaving messages that you’d need to check on later.

To enable your answer message service call 789 from your device and follow the prompts listed below.

Please note:

* You can have either voicemail or your answer service active at any one time. Activating this service will disable voicemail.

* When roaming overseas, you will be charged $1 every time the answer service is activated.

Answer Message Service Flow Diagram