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How do I do an isolation test on Fibre connection?

When your internet is slow or not working at all, an isolation test can often fix your problem straight away! We might also ask you to do one so that we can see whether the issue you’re having is being caused by the WiFi or something a technician will have to fix.

To carry out this isolation test you will need:

  • Your Skinny modem
  • An ethernet cable (the Skinny modem comes with two of these)
  • A computer with an ethernet port

Please follow the steps below to carry out the isolation test:

  1. Turn off the WiFi on your computer and then connect it to your Skinny modem (Lan1 port) via the ethernet cable
  2. Ensure that the power to the modem is turned on both at the wall and on the modem itself
  3. After it’s taken a little time to connect up, the lights on the Skinny modem should look as below:
  • Power - Solid green light
  • WAN - Solid green light (will flash while connecting)
  • Internet - Solid green light
  • LAN1 - Solid green light

If you’re able to browse the internet when you are connected via ethernet cable, then the issue is with the WiFi either on your device or on the modem. Before contacting our support team, if you could try on another computer and see if you have the same problem. Please let our support team know the steps you’ve tried - that’ll help speed up us working out what’s wrong!

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