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Linked Accounts

Skinny's Linked Account feature allows you to control up to 9 other "Child" mobile and wireless broadband accounts via your online self-service dashboard. As the "Parent" account holder, you have pretty much full control of the Child accounts. The Child account holders can still manage their accounts online. This feature is ideal for managing family accounts. Skinny Terms apply.

The payment method remains separate on each account, so if you are adding credit, or managing a credit card this will need to be done on each separate account.

Approval is required by the Child account to link via text confirmation for mobile, and modem details for wireless broadband account.

For the full explanation of how this all works, read on.


MSISDN - A phone number

Account - A website account

Parent - Customer's primary MSISDN

Child -  Another MSISDN owned by a customer

Parent Account - An online Account used to manage the customers Parent and Child MSISDN's

Child Account - An online Account with reduced functionality used to manage only the customer's Child MSISDN

Linked Account Group - A Parent can link up to 9 Children that are managed through a Parent Account

How to link

You can go directly to the linked account page here, and follow the instructions to link a mobile number of wireless broadband account. You will be asked to log into your online self-service account.

Otherwise, please follow the instructions below:

1) Parent logs into their Skinny online self-service dashboard

2) Parent clicks drop down arrow on the top left next to their account name and then the link account button (or the top right of linked account dashboard if an account is already linked)

3) From the linked account page follow the instructions to link a mobile number of wireless broadband account

If linking to a SIM used in a phone

a) Parent types Child MSISDN in provided field

b) Skinny sends SMS notification with a verification code to Child device (___ has requested full access and management rights to your Skinny Account.  If you agree your verification code is xxxx. For Skinny Terms please see <link to terms>)

c) Parent obtains verification code from Child device and enters it into website where requested

d) Parent chooses  a name for the Child account

e) Website then validates code entry. If accurate See (f). If the code is not accurate Parent can keep trying until they get it right.

f) Pending no other errors, the accounts are now linked.

g) Skinny sends an SMS confirmation notification ("Your Skinny account is now managed by ____ . If you did not agree contact us on 0800 475 4669") to the Child device. Parent will see a confirmation displayed onscreen and receive an email (Hello ______!  Success! Your account is currently linked to ______ . For terms and conditions please see Skinny Terms)

If linking to a SIM to be used in a data-only device (like a tablet):

a) Parent must temporarily insert the Child SIM into a device that can receive and display SMS messages so that he/she can view the verification code that will be sent

b) Parent follows steps above starting at (c)

c) Parent then places SIM into data-only device after linking.

In the case that the above process does not complete properly, a Parent may get a Skinny CSR to verify an account link. The CSR will see that there is a pending request for the accounts to be linked and can finalize this process if the customer has the verification code.

Canceling the link

Only the parent can unlink a Child account.

The Parent can unlink a Child account on their online self-service linked account dashboard page by selecting the unlink icon next to the Child Accounts name.

Please see the cancellation section of the terms and conditions..

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