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Mobile and modem returns or repairs

General Terms 5.13:

If you buy a device from the Skinny online store and change your mind about your purchase, you may be able to return it for a full refund if you meet certain conditions like making your return request within 30 days of the date on the packing slip that you receive with the device.  Find out if this applies to you and how you can return your device here. We may refuse a return if it does not comply with our requirements. 

If we do this, we will return the device.

Mobile and Wireless Terms 1.8: 

Consumers (as defined under the CGA) have rights under the CGA in relation to faulty devices.       

If you would like to make a claim under the CGA for a faulty device that you have purchased from Skinny, Skinny asks that you do the following so it can carry out a CGA assessment and respond appropriately: 

  • Visit our Skinny returns page and log your CGA repair claim.  Select the "It’s not working" section on the returns page.  There is a $55 Assessment Bond "held" with your credit or debit card which is released if you have a valid claim under the CGA.  If it is found that your claim is not covered by the CGA, for example because you have misused or caused damage to your device, because the CGA guarantee period has lapsed, or because your device has been purchased for the purposes of a business, then you will be charged the $55 Assessment Bond.
  • You will need to fill in the form via the Skinny Dashboard, which you will then need to print out and send to our repair agency (Entelar). Entelar's address is Entelar, 117 Carbine Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060.
  • Following receipt of your device, Skinny’s repair agent will assess your CGA claim and device.
  • If it is determined that you have a valid claim under the CGA then your device will either be repaired or replaced, depending on the nature of the defect in your device.  Following repair/replacement, your device will be returned to you and you will have your $55 Assessment Bond released.

If it is determined that you do not have a valid claim under the CGA and your claim is rejected, we will contact you to discuss next steps.  These will involve either returning your device to you or agreeing with you to repair your device at an additional cost to you.  If your claim is rejected, the $55 Assessment Bond will be charged.

SIMs:  If your device is a modem, please do not remove the SIM from the modem. If your device is a mobile device, please remove the SIM before you send it to Skinny’s repair agent, as all SIMs received will not be returned in accordance with internal policy and for your protection. We also suggest backing up your mobile device before sending it in for repair as it may be wiped.  

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