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Unable to make or receive calls

I can't make or receive any calls. What's wrong?

Here's a few things to check if you're having trouble receiving or making calls:

1. Check that your phone is compatible with Skinny (if you didn't buy it from us).

2. Check your coverage.

3. Check that you've activated your SIM if it is the first time you are using the phone.

4. Check that aeroplane mode is turned off.

5. Check that you have enough credit to make a call.

6. Perform a restart of your device. Take your battery and SIM card out for 1 minute, put everything back together and then try make a call.

7. In some cases test to see if you experience the same issue on a call with another person. (It could be the other person's phone).

8. If you are roaming or trying to call someone overseas please ensure you are using the correct country code.

If you are still experiencing issues after you have tried the above, please contact us and we can look into this issue!

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