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What’s the deal with the contract plan? Do I have to get a contract?

Nope, it's your choice. You don’t need to have a contract if you don’t want one. It's all about how much you want to pay upfront. We’ve introduced Skinny’s first-ever contract plan as a way to offer an option to include the modem and connection fee in the contract cost. We’ve kept it nice and simple. Once you sign up on this plan, you’re with us for 24 months at $68 a month. If you leave before your 24 months is up, you'll be charged a $249 early termination fee to cover any costs we incur as a result of you exiting your 2-year plan early. That’s it! We’ve got a great no commitment Skinny Unlimited Broadband deal as well. It’s also $68 a month. You just need to pay for the modem (yours to keep for $99) and a one-off connection fee of $49, and then you've got enough broadband to last until the cows come home.

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