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I’m on Skinny Broadband. How easy is it to make the move to Skinny Unlimited?

We can definitely understand why you’d want to take advantage of no data caps on our unlimited plan! Because Skinny 40GB & 100GB Broadband plans and Skinny Unlimited Broadband use different technologies to connect to the internet, there’s a bit of a process to get get you switched over.

Skinny Broadband uses a modem which connects via Spark’s 4G network. Skinny Unlimited Broadband uses a different kind of modem and either ADSL, VDSL or Fibre (a fixed-line) to get you connected. We’ll need to book in a technician to connect you up, and sometimes install a jackpoint at your home. We deal with Chorus and Local Fibre Companies (or LFCs - Chorus, UFF or Enable) to connect you up. We need to book their technicians in advance. The connection process can take anywhere from a couple of days (for an easy ADSL connection, for example) to several months (for Fibre when there’s a waiting list).

Having said all that, we’ll keep you informed along the way and make it as easy for you as possible! And you can definitely keep your Skinny 40GB or 100GB Broadband until your Skinny Unlimited Broadband connection is complete.

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