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Skinny WiFi Calling (VoWiFi)

What is WiFi Calling (VoWiFi)?

WiFi Calling (VoWIFI) allows you to make and receive calls including SMS using a suitable WiFi connection, even if there is no mobile coverage.

You can use it anytime that your phone has a WiFi connection. It’s a great option if you have poor mobile coverage or no coverage and a WiFi broadband connection is available. WiFi Calling works the same way a regular cellular mobile call does using the dialling functions and address book on your phone. The difference is how the call is transmitted. WiFi Calling uses an available wireless broadband connection to transmit the call and texts instead of the cellular connection.

With WiFi Calling, our network connectivity will allow your calls to automatically handover between a WiFI call and a cellular call without interruption, even if you move between cellular connectivity and a known WiFi internet connection or vice versa while on an active call. 

WiFi Calling relies on internet connectivity. Since Skinny does not have control of the internet connection that device is being connected to, we cannot guarantee the quality of the WiFi call. Sometimes factors such as the strength of the wireless connection, or the simultaneous activities utilising the connection can impact the experience of the WiFi Calling services. 

Depending on your phone model, WiFi Calling may not be available or WiFi Calling features may not be available on the phone, or the phone software.

To use WiFI Calling on the Skinny Network, you'll need these: 

1. A VoLTE capable phone & VoLTE provisioned & activated on your phone. 

2. A phone eligible for WiFi Calling

3. The latest software to enable WiFi Calling

4. You must be located in NZ to utilise Skinny WiFi Calling services.

5. Skinny WiFi Calling is not compatible with the use of VPN Services. 

6. To have WiFi Calling enabled in the phone settings. This will be off by default 

7. Have access to a Fixed or Wireless Broadband connection

Benefits of WiFi Calling (VoWiFi)

Keep connected

Improve contact with your friends and family from remote locations if there is a suitable internet connection. Means you can keep connected regardless of your cellular mobile signal strength.

Backup solution

An evolved technology to ensure you can stay connected even if you have poor mobile coverage 

No additional hardware or software

All you need for WiFi calling to be enabled is a compatible personal mobile phone and a broadband connection. There is no need to install 3rd Party apps to use the service.

Emergency Calling on WiFi Calling

When making an emergency call within NZ, cellular is always preferred. This includes using other mobile providers networks in NZ to make the call. If you are in a no coverage area, then WiFi Calling can be used to contact emergency services within NZ.  

WiFi Calling is not currently available for overseas calling, if you try to make an emergency call while overseas the service will fail as you are currently not located in NZ.  

Emergency Mobile alerts are not available on WiFi Calling. If you're not in a mobile coverage area, you won't receive mobile alerts.  

In the event there is no mobile coverage, the call will use WiFi Calling as a last resort, VoWIFI is enabled by a fixed or wireless broadband connection. If there is a power cut affecting the internet connection that is being used, then WiFi Calling will not work.

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