We're sorry you were unable to connect to Skinny Jump today.

Thank you for your patience, we understand that this must be frustrating.

We are always working on extending coverage for Skinny Jump. Please keep an eye on the address checker at skinny.co.nz/jump

If availability changes at your address in the future, our address checker will reflect this. 

Skinny Jump runs on Spark's 4G wireless network.

As the service is provided wirelessly, availability will depend on factors like cell tower location, house location, capacity and configuration of the cell tower. 

Image showing houses around a cell tower, divided into three sectors. In the first sector, one house can't connect as its neighbours in the sector are all connected to Skinny Jump and there is no capacity left. In the second and third sectors, there is capacity and houses can connect to Skinny Jump. Some further houses are unable to connect as they are outside the coverage area of the cell tower.


Each cell tower provides coverage in sections. 

Each section has a limited number of modem connections. That's why sometimes your neighbour may be able to connect when you cannot. 

If you've been told that Skinny Jump is not available at your address, it means that:

You are outside our cell tower coverage, or

Your house is in a sector which has reached the maximum number of modems that can connect to your cell tower. 

Why do we have a limit on the number of modems that can connect to a tower?

It is to ensure that all customers who are connected to the cell tower continue to have a good experience. If we were to add more connections to this cell tower, everyone's internet experience would be compromised. 

Will I ever be able to get Skinny Jump at my address?

We continuously monitor our network capacity across the country, and we are constantly working on network and cell tower upgrades. However, cell tower upgrades are expensive and take a significant amount of time. The Skinny Jump address checker at skinny.co.nz/jump is automatically updated with new capacity information every day.