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Topping Up with Online EFTPOS

Use your bank app like you're in a store to top up your Skinny mobile in two simple steps.

If you’re an ASB, Westpac, Heartland, or Cooperative Bank customer and you have their mobile app installed on your phone, you can top up your Skinny Mobile account via the Skinny App using Online EFTPOS.

  1. Select "Top up with Online EFTPOS" in the “Top-Up" section of the Skinny App.
  2. Choose the amount you want to top up with, select your bank and enter your mobile phone number.

After you have requested your top-up, head over to your banking app to approve the payment request.  You'll have 4 minutes to approve the request and once you're done head back to the Skinny App to see confirmation that your top-up was successful.

Here's how simple it is

Step 1:

Open your Skinny app and navigate to "Top up".

Step 2:

Select "Top Up with Online EFTPOS" from the menu.

Step 3:

Choose/enter the amount you would like to top-up and select “Confirm”.

Step 4:

Choose your bank from the list (only selected banks offer this service)

Step 5:

Enter your bank ID or mobile number.

Step 6:

Open your banking app and accept the transaction before the 4-minute timer runs out.

Got more questions about Online EFTPOS?

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