If you need more than what a plan offers then grab an add-on with your plan to make it just right.

You can even mix and match 4-Weekly and Weekly Plans and Add-Ons except where there is no additional benefit (such as buying more minutes on an unlimited minute plan). And remember, you're not forever stuck with what you choose. So you can come back next time and choose add-ons according to your usage habits.

For 4-Weekly Plan Add-Ons

Read down the table to see which Add-Ons are available with each plan.









4-Weekly (28 day) Add-Ons    

100 NZ+AU mins for $8   tick  tick  tick   Unlimited NZ+AU mins incl.
500MB for $8   tick  tick tick   tick  tick  tick   - 
1GB for $10    -   tick  tick  tick  tick  tick   - 
2GB for $15

 -   tick  tick  tick  tick tick   - 

Weekly (7 day) Add-Ons

80 NZ mins for $4   tick  Unlimited NZ+AU mins incl.
200MB for $4   tick  tick tick  tick tick tick   - 
600MB for $8   tick  tick tick  tick tick tick   - 
500 Skinny mins &  texts for $1   tick Unlimited Skinny to Skinny mins & texts incl.
250 NZ texts for $1  Unlimited NZ and AU texts incl.

For Weekly Plan

All the above Add-Ons are available with our $5 Weekly Plan, except for

  • 500MB for $8
  • 1GB for $10
  • 2GB for $15
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