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Data Binge

Get unlimited data when you need it for up to 12 hours! Skinny Data Binge is your one stop shop for short-term unlimited prepaid data. Perfect for any online binging sessions.

Tethering and hotspotting not included.


12 hours

Unlimited data

$5 for 12 hours of unlimited data


4 hours

Unlimited data

$3 for 4 hours of unlimited data


1 hour

Unlimited data

$1 for 1 hour of unlimited data


10 minutes

Unlimited data

50 cents for 10 minutes of unlimited data

Go on a Data Binge with us!

Data Binge allows you to buy sessions of unlimited data usage. You can choose between 10 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or 12 hours. To buy a Data Binge you need to be an active Skinny Mobile customer, with enough credit to buy a Data Binge session. Tethering and hotspotting is not included.

A Data Binge session starts from the moment you purchase it, and will continue running until it expires. You cannot pause your Data Binge session once it has started. Any Data Binge sessions purchased while another Data Binge session is active, will not start until the end of your current active session. Once your Data Binge session has finished, normal mobile data usage will apply.

We will send you two Data Binge expiry notifications via the Skinny Mobile App and text message – one sent 2 minutes prior to expiry, and a second one sent once your session has expired. If you have bought more than one Data Binge session, you will receive your notifications at the end of your last purchase.

How do you get it?

It's really easy to start a Data Binge, just make sure you have enough credit. Skinny Mobile customers can use the Skinny Mobile app (make sure it’s the latest version) or text DATABINGE to 2424. In the Skinny Mobile app, tap on Data Binge and choose how long you want to Data Binge. Yeeeew.

This is what it looks like on Skinny Mobile app


Haven't got the Skinny Mobile app? Download it now...

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Legal stuff

NZ personal use on mobile phones only. Not for tablets, tethering or hotspots. Available on Skinny Mobile app, or text DATABINGE to 2424. Skinny terms and charges apply. For full terms see our General Offer terms.

How does it work?

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