Samsung Galaxy J4

Samsung Galaxy J4 image
  • Super screen

    Enjoy your content on a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) screen. The virtual true-to-life display and vivid natural colours guarantee an epic viewing experience. Enjoy a high-quality experience when you’re streaming a show, watching a movie or playing a game.

  • A new light

    Put the selfie camera’s adjustable flash to good use and see yourself in a new light. A three-level front LED flash adjustment helps you take incredible photos when shooting selfies day and night. Plus, you can show off your creative side with a range of filters designed to bring your images to life.

  • Now, you can use two apps at once. App Pair lets you launch two apps at the same time for easy and seamless multitasking. You’re not stuck with a 50/50 split either. You can resize either app to view it in the smallest size it supports. It’s the perfect solution if you’re trying to look up a recipe on YouTube while writing an email or text.

2018 is proving to be a big one for Samsung, with their ever-expanding suite of devices now featuring an exciting new addition. Fresh off the smartphone conveyor belt is the Galaxy J4, a device designed to take your mobile experience to new heights. With a stunning 5.5” sAMOLED display, selfie camera with adjustable flash and split-screen app mode, this phone has more features than you can shake a stick at.


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  • Camera: 13MP f1.9 Main Camera | 5MP f2.2 Selfie camera
  • Media Player: Yes
  • MMS: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Email: POP / IMAP / Microsoft Exchange Email
  • Internal Memory: 2 GB RAM/32 GB Internal Storage


  • Screen Size: 77.2 X 151mm
  • Main Display: 5.5 " sAMOLED screen


  • Operating System: Android 8 Oreo
  • Bluetooth: v4.2 Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • 4G LTE: Yes
  • USB Out: Yes


  • Personalisation (themes and wallpapers): Yes
  • Internet on mobile: Yes

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