Skinny Jump Terms and Conditions

Applies from 25 March 2020

Skinny’s General Terms and Conditions that apply to wireless broadband, apply in addition to those below.

  • Skinny Jump (Jump) is for homes who currently do not have broadband and cost is a significant barrier and are most at risk of digital exclusion (as identified in the Government’s digital inclusion blueprint). We trust our community partners to work with families on a case by case basis to identify if they eligible for Skinny Jump and determine if Jump is suitable for them. Eligibility for Jump is at the sole discretion of Skinny (or our agents).
  • Skinny reserves the right to rescind your eligibility for Skinny Jump if we believe, acting reasonably, that your use of the service does not fit with the intended purpose of Jump. We will give you at a month’s notice if we are going to rescind your eligibility for Jump.


  • You will be provided with a Modem to connect to Skinny Jump. The Modem remains the property of Skinny and you must return it (including all the parts and information provided) if you leave Skinny Jump. On termination, we will advise you how to return the Modem.
  • You may not sell, lease, dispose of, lend or otherwise part with possession of, or modify the Modem in any way.
  • The Modem contains a SIM card. You may not use this SIM card in any other device. The SIM card remains the property of Skinny and must be returned with the Modem.

Broadband Data

  • The $5 Jump plan is a Skinny Prepaid Service which entitles you to 35GB of broadband data. Spark Jump is a 30-day Prepaid Plan.
  • Provided you have sufficient credit in your Skinny Account, your Jump plan will automatically renew every 30 days (unless you decide to cancel it first). Any unused data expires after 30 days and does not rollover.
  • Once you've used all the data in your Jump plan, your data will come to a complete stop. To get going again, you will need to buy another Jump plan. Just sign into your Skinny dashboard or Skinny Jump app to buy. Note you can purchase a maximum of 6 Jump plans in each calendar month. As there are no Add-Ons available in connection with Skinny Jump, if you have purchased 6 Jump plans in a calendar month, you will not be able to purchase any additional data for that month.
  • You cannot have a Set and Forget auto payment for Skinny Jump.
  • We strongly recommend you use the broadband data usage meter to monitor your broadband data use. You can access the broadband data usage meter when you login to your Skinny account at