Switching to Skinny

  •  Plans to suit anyone
    Simple $5 Weekly Plans and Rollover Plans starting from as little as $16 or go unlimited, with our new unlimited mobile plan with hotspotting included for just $77.
  •  Share the love with Buddy Rewards
    Refer your friends and family to join Skinny mobile and get $20 credit for you and 4GB for them. WIN-WIN for everyone. Find out more. 
  •  Keep your number
    You can keep your existing number. Change your 021, 022 or 027 phone number to Skinny and we'll give you 5GB of rollover data on us!
  •  Free Data Weekends!
    Jump on any mobile rollover plan and get 2GB of free data every weekend, all summer long. It’ll kick off on 8th November 2019 and ends 1st March 2020. Free data weekends start at 5pm Friday and end midnight Sunday.

Switch to Skinny today!

Online process

Switching your number to Skinny is easy, with our online process. Hassle free, 24/7 and in the comfort of your home, or whatever suits. To get started, pick a plan and choose to switch your current number to Skinny. Your new Skinny SIM will automatically be added to the cart. You’ll be good to go in minutes.

We’ll send out your new Skinny SIM in the mail and this will usually take 1-3 working days. Once you’ve received your Skinny mail, just activate the Skinny SIM inside your mobile phone, and your number transfer will begin. Boom! Within 24 working hours, you’ll be done and dusted.

Already got a Skinny SIM?

Easy peasy! Just create an online account, follow the steps and you’ll be done in no time.

Choose your own number?

You can either keep the number you have or pick a new random one. To pick a new number just create an online account to get started.

Switch to Skinny Now

We understand… Breaking up is never easy, but here are a few reminders that will make it easier for you to leave your old mobile provider behind. Don’t need convincing? Switch now, or continue reading for more information…

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