Skinny Rates

Standard, international, roaming and other rates

Sweet standard rates

These are what you will pay when you're not on a Combo. However our national calling and text standard rates are the some of the lowest prepay standard rates in the country, and our data rate is super skinny too (see what we did there?)


Per Minute
To any NZ network


Per Text
To any NZ network


Per MB
Of data


To any NZ network


Minutes are for voice calls to mobiles on any NZ network and to standard NZ landlines (excludes premium rate numbers and international calls). 
Texts are standard person-to-person NZ texts only (excludes premium rate numbers, short codes and international texts).
If you'’re on a Combo and you use all of your included minutes or texts you'’ll pay the standard rate above for any extra calls or extra texts. 

If you use all of your Combo’'s included MBs, your data will stop. To use extra data you can choose to buy a Data Add-On or wait until your combo renews. 
If you deactivate your Combo and have used all your included data, you will be charged the standard rate for any extra data that you use.
For even better value try one of our Monthly or Weekly Combos.

If you are on our Standard Rates and you use up all of your credit in a data session, you'll need to top-up then switch your phone off, and then on, for data to start working again. See all terms and conditions.

Other rates

Voicemail rates

You’'ll be charged 18c per call to our voicemail service, regardless of if you’'re on standard rates or a Combo (except the $40 Combo).
Don't want voicemail?
Skinny provides an answering service that will let you record a personalised message that callers will hear when you're not available, but they can't leave a message.

International Rates

for when you're calling overseas. The cost of calling some places is less when you're on a Combo. Look for the rates with (Combo) next to them.

Roaming Rates

Your Skinny phone will work in most countries around the world; but right now, it won’t support data roaming. Fail, we know. But we’re working on it. Before you head off overseas, just check out whether your destination is on our list. It's also probably a good idea to check out the charges.  

Premium SMS Rates

If you text to short codes a lot, enter competitions or use text based services and want to see the costs before you partake.

Premium Voice Rates

If you use premium voice services like 018 or place the odd punt with the TAB, check these premium rates.