Where to Buy Skinny

Get yourself a Skinny SIM online or from any Spark store throughout New Zealand.

Buy a Skinny SIM online here. If you want to bring your phone over with you, check to see if it’s compatible with our network here.

For more details on buying a Skinny SIM from a Spark store see our 'Skinny now in Spark stores' page.


Here’s a list of our proud retail partners. Click on a retailer and you'll be sent to their store locator.


Skinny Branded Dairies

Grab a SIM from one of our Skinny branded dairies across NZ. Click on your region below and find a list of dairies closest to you.

Skinny SIMs are also available in most dairies and convenience stores around NZ.

You can also check out the map below to find the closest Skinny branded dairy to you.


How long will it take to get the SIM delivered if I buy online?
It should only take between 1-3 working days to deliver your SIM to you.

Will the SIM card be right right size for my phone?
Our SIM Cards come in all three sizes (Standard, Micro, and Nano), so you never have to worry about sizing!

Can I still use the 3G network even though it says it’s a 4G SIM?
Yes, you can! The indication on the packaging is just branding to let customers know that we use a 4G network as well.

Is my phone compatible to use this SIM?
You can ask to run our compatibility checker at the store or visit our compatibility checker here. You need to make sure that your phone isn't locked to your local provider's network.

Can I transfer (port) my NZ number on to this SIM?
Yup, no worries at all. Once you have the SIM, you will need to sign up via the Dashboard and fill out the 'Keep my number' request form.