Being with Skinny Mobile means you can have fun and get amongst it with your friends and family when you use your phone. But, if you’re receiving upsetting or offensive texts, video and messages, photo messages or phone calls, then the fun stops! So we’ve put together some useful tips, advice and free services, to get you through these un-fun times. We’re all about keeping our customers safe & happy!

Harmful Communication

'Harmful Communication’ or ‘Cyber bullying’ is never okay. If you are getting negative communication, you can definitely ask for advice or help.

Skinny Linked accounts

Managing your child’s account, or the entire household can easily be done with a Skinny ‘Linked Account’. See here for getting set up.

Skinny Block Process

If you wish to block a number from contacting you permanently, here are some steps for kicking off the process.

Social Media

Before creating an account with a Social Media Network (eg. Twitter or Facebook), make sure you educate yourself, and keep on top of how to keep yourself and others you know safe.

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