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Managing your child’s account, or the entire household can easily be done with a Skinny ‘Linked Account’. See here for getting set up.

Skinny Linked Accounts is an awesome tool which allows parents to assume the responsibility for their child’s Skinny Mobile account. You can also use this service for more than one child or even the entire household. Once you have a Linked Account set up, this means you can view the selected account’s call records, data usage history, and manage the account on behalf of the owner.

Follow these steps to get set up…

Step 1:

Firstly, you will need to purchase a Skinny SIM

  • If you’re with another mobile provider, switching to Skinny is easy! See here to get set up. 
  • If you’re not ready to switch to Skinny just yet, you just need to purchase a Skinny SIM. You can then use the SIM number to set up a Skinny dashboard. Just remember to top up it up with $5 or more once a year to keep it from expiring.

Step 2:

Register to the Skinny Dashboard

  •  If you’ve already registered on the Skinny Dashboard, click here to set up a Linked Account.
  •  Click here to register to the Skinny Dashboard

Here’s a table to help you understand what you and your child can do on their account after it’s been linked.

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