Skinny Linked accounts

Managing your child’s account, or the entire household can easily be done with a Skinny ‘Linked Account’. See here for getting set up.

Managing multiple accounts, or even the entire household is easy with a Skinny ‘Linked Account’. Check out the below to get set up.

Skinny Linked Accounts is an awesome tool which allows one account holder (the “parent”) to assume responsibility for up to 9 other Skinny Mobile or Wireless Broadband accounts (the “child”). This means that the parent account can take care of managing the bills, topping up the account and can view usage and make plan changes for the child account(s) that it is linked to. The child account can sit back, relax and enjoy their plan without having to worry about the admin such as topping up their phone each month. But, if they ever want to, the child account can do things like top-up, change their plan, and buy add-ons.

In short, Linked Accounts make managing multiple accounts simple, while keeping it easy for Grandma to stay connected without having to worry about how their prepaid account works, or 15-year-old Otto to surf the net without paying the bill.

Check out the tables below for a full list of what the parent and child accounts can do and see.

Follow these steps to get set up…

1. Firstly, you’ll need to purchase a Skinny SIM or set up a Skinny Wireless Broadband account. If you’re with another mobile or internet provider, switching to Skinny is easy! See here to get set up.

For mobile services, if you’re not ready to switch to Skinny just yet, you just need to purchase a Skinny SIM. You can then use the SIM number to set up a Skinny Dashboard. Just remember to top up it up with $5 or more once a year to keep it from expiring.

2. Register to create your Skinny Dashboard. If you’ve already registered on the Skinny Dashboard, click here to set up a Linked Account or click here to register.

Here are two tables to help you understand what parent and child accounts can do after they are linked.




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