Skinny Jump.

Subsidised broadband for Kiwi homes.


From $5 a month


Free modem + first 35GB free


No contracts - renew as you go


No credit checks


From $5 a month

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Free modem + first 30GB free


No contracts - renew as you go

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No credit checks

At Skinny, we believe every New Zealander deserves equal opportunities to learn and thrive in our digital world. That’s why we offer super-affordable broadband to thousands of Kiwi homes.

Skinny Jump is flexible prepaid broadband: Only $5 for 35GB of data, no contracts or credit checks, and the modem comes free of charge. Just top up as you go.

Our prepaid top-up system means you can get a 35GB plan for only $5. You can renew the plan six times each month, up to a maximum of 210GB for $30.

In addition, you will also get a 15GB data boost each month. We will automatically load 15GB of free data to your account on the first of every month.  

All Skinny Jump data lasts for 30 days from when it is added to your account. After 30 days, the data expires. It doesn't roll over to the next month.

Skinny Jump is a not-for-profit service and we don't use your information to promote or sell other products.


Is Skinny Jump for you?

Skinny Jump is for those who don't have a broadband connection at home because cost is a barrier.

We specifically support those most at risk of digital exclusion, as identified in the government's digital inclusion blueprint.

If one or more of the following sounds like you, then you would probably be eligible:

  • Families with children
  • Job seekers
  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities
  • Refugees and migrant communities
  • Those in social housing

There may be other circumstances that make you eligible. Talk to one of our local Skinny Jump partners to find out.

You will need to live in an area that is covered by our network. Scroll down to check your address.

With Skinny Jump you can use up to 210GB per month. Activities like online gaming and streaming videos can burn through data. Skinny Jump wasn’t created for these kinds of activities. If you think you'll need more than 210GB a month, Skinny Jump may not be right for you.

Where can you get Skinny Jump?

You can only sign up for Skinny Jump with one of our local partners. If your address is covered by our network, the address check map will show you the closest partner to your home.

Make an appointment by calling your local partner to sign up for Skinny Jump. 

When you visit the partner, they will help you to sign up for Skinny Jump. They'll also give you a modem and help you to create a Skinny account. 

So, let’s start by checking if Skinny Jump is available where you live.

Digital equity

Skinny Jump is a not-for-profit initiative designed to help New Zealand achieve greater digital equity. 

Learn more about this mission

Customer stories

Read about the inspiring journeys of individuals and families who have benefited from access to an affordable broadband service through Skinny Jump.

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Got questions about Skinny Jump?

Skinny Jump broadband costs $5 for 35GB of data, with a maximum of 6 plan renewals per month. You'll get a modem at no cost, but you'll need to return it if you stop using Skinny Jump.

There are no standard rates or overages for Skinny Jump.

At Skinny, we believe every New Zealander deserves equal opportunities to participate in our digital world.

Skinny Jump doesn’t offer landlines. If you also need a landline connection, we recommend that you look at what other providers have to offer.

If you've been told that Skinny Jump is not available at your address, we understand that this must be frustrating. We are always working on extending coverage for Skinny Jump. Please keep an eye on the address checker.

The reason it is not available is either:

  • You are outside our cell tower coverage, or
  • Your house is in a sector which has reached the maximum number of modems that can connect to your cell tower.