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We'll do anything to keep our prices low and customers happy. Don't believe us? Just ask any of these Kiwis...

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Find out what makes us different

Simple plans

We keep our plans super simple. Take a peek, pick what suits you and roll with it! Cancel, change or upgrade your plan at any time and enjoy rollover data on all plans $16 and up.

Award winning service

We've won a raft of awards for our great customer service. Like the Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award 2015-2018 in the Prepaid Mobile category, the same award in 2018 in the Broadband category, and the Consumer NZ People's Choice Award 2016-2018. Plus we're the only telco that is Consumer Trusted. We mean business.

Data Binge

Keen for an all-night Netflix binge and don’t want to burn a month's worth of data? Or just running a bit low? Get your Data Binge on from 10 minutes to 12 hours and get all up in that internet!

Skinny Gifting

Feeling generous? With Skinny Gifting, you can gift rollover data and minutes to your mates. It's easy, costs just 50 cents, and all done through the app. So go on, make someone’s day.


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