Skinny Rates

Standard NZ rates for calling, texting, and data, plus rates for SMS shortcodes

International Calling

So you want to keep in touch with your mates (& mum) when they’re in another part of the world? Easy – we’ve got some sweet international rates for you. Just pick the Add-On that covers where you want to call.

Overseas Roaming

Make it easy on yourself and keep an eye on your spend by grabbing a Roaming Pack before you go overseas. That way you only use what you've paid for, plus it's a little more cost effective. You don't have to be on a plan to buy these, just a Skinny customer.

Data Binge

Get unlimited data when you need it for up to 12 hours! Skinny Data Binge is your one stop shop for short-term unlimited prepaid data. Perfect for any online binging sessions.

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