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Are your Broadband speeds not what you were expecting? Find out why below.

Test your speed

Measure the download and upload speeds of your internet by taking a speed test. For best results, we recommend the following:

1. Use a Speedtest app

For the most accurate results, download the Speedtest app and use it to measure your speed.

You can also test your speed on the Speedtest website, but using a browser can reduce the speed shown when the connection goes above 100Mbps. Test your speed at

2. Use a device connected via ethernet

It's best to run your speed test on a computer or laptop connected to your modem by an ethernet cable that's Cat 5e or above. Ethernet cables that are Cat 5 or below limit the speed to 100Mbps, so the results you get may not be accurate.

An ethernet cable has an RJ45 plug on each end. One end goes into your device and the other into your modem. You'll find its category (for example, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Cat 6e) printed along the cable.

If you're running your speed test on a device connected via WiFi, the speed you get may be lower than you'd get over ethernet. Being further away from the modem can also reduce the speed you'll see in the test.

3. Connect only one device

We recommend only having one computer, tablet or mobile connected to the internet while you're running a speed test.

If you're using a computer connected via an ethernet cable, close all applications, browser windows and tabs. Then restart your browser to run the speed test. You can turn off your modem's WiFi to stop other devices connecting. Just remember to turn it back on again after the test.  

If you're running a speed test on a device connected via WiFi, close all other apps on that device. We recommend disconnecting all the other devices you have connected to WiFi before running the test.

4. Repeat the test a couple of times to get an average speed

Run speed tests at different times of the day. We recommend you run one of them during 'Measuring Broadband New Zealand's peak time', which is between 7pm and 11pm Monday to Friday. You can see the average peak times of our plans at

Test results

Average speeds vary depending on the type of broadband connection you have. We measure broadband speed in megabits per second (Mbps). 



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