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Troubleshoot slow Broadband speeds

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Is the internet down for everyone or just me?

A slow broadband connection can be frustrating. No internet connection at all is worse!

When the internet in your home suddenly limits to a crawl or stops working entirely there are some steps you can try to check if it is your WiFi or local connection by going to these pages:

Troubleshoot your Broadband speeds

Check your Broadband speeds

Know your Broadband speeds

If you have checked everything in your home setup and all is looking good, it is possible that there may be a wider internet outage that is affecting your region.

Skinny uses Spark's internet network. We suggest checking the Spark outage page to see if there are any known connectivity issues.

Click the map below to go to the location search, type in your address and find out if the internet is currently experiencing wider problems in your area.


Check Skinny network


If there is no known network issues within your area or region and you have taken all steps to see if the issue is within your home setup and your connection problem is still not resolved please contact the Skinny Care team.

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